Full day Tour in David Gareja monastery

Full day Tour in David Gareja monastery

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Duration of the tour is 6-7 hours. It belongs to the category of “short tours and excursions”. The tour Geographically includes Kakheti region and David Gareja unique monastery complex, which was built one of the Assyrian monks and many interesting historic events are connected with his name. During the tour, we will have a dinner in a Kakhetian restaurant of provincial type and taste traditional Kahetian foods. The tour is ideal for active rest and relaxation.

Tour Contents:
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  • In the morning we will travel towards David Gareja monastery; (The monastery was built in the 6th century by one of the thirteen Assyrian monks)
  • After about two-hour trip, we will visit to the monastery and see it in detail; (The monastery is distinguished by its historic importance and interesting architecture)
  • After excursion in the monastery, we will take a transport facility and go towards a restaurant;
  • Dinner in Georgian restaurant;
  • After having a dinner and a little rest we will return to Tbilisi.

  • Needed Equipment: Trekking shoes, rainproof coat, small plastic bottle for water, sunglasses, hat/cap, sun protection lotion.
  • Duration of the walk: 1-2 h;
  • Duration of driving: 2-3 h.
Tour Additional Information:

Tour logistic & Additional info:

Tour category: „Short tours and excursions“.

General information: The tour with its complexity and data belongs to the middle category of tours; it includes components of cultural-creative excursions and little pedestrian trip in David Gareja monastery complex. The trip is easy with its structure and it needs not special physical ability.

Staff: the tour is served by staff below: a guide (excursion guide) and coordinator of the tour. (coordinator of the group of tourists)
The guide: is a person speaking with English, German or Russian languages, who is liable to lead a tourist (group of tourists) and tell them on any cultural sightseeing or other historic and important things specified by the tour program. The guide is liable as well to answer questions asked by a tourist regarding to the program.
Coordinator of the tour: is a person, who is liable on total logistics and orderliness, punctuality of the tour program and other organizational issues; he (she) is liable to help tourists in carrying a knapsack or other things in case of need.

Transportation: The tour should be served by a high level comfortable private minibus. The vehicle will be served by a high-qualified and experienced driver. The vehicles are constantly supplied with enough potable water.

Food: the tour price includes one-time meal and non-alcoholic drinks. (Lemonade and mineral water). Tourists will have a dinner in Kathetian provincial restaurant, where Georgian traditional foods will be presented.

Tour Travel Details:

Travel Details:

  „Full day Tour in David Gareja monastery”
Duration of the tour: 6-7  hours
Operation of the tour is recommended: Whole year
Equipment necessary for the tour participants: Trekking shoes, rainproof coat, small plastic bottle for water, sunglasses, hat/cap, sun protection lotion.
Feasible number of the tour participants: From 3 to 50 people
The tour-package includes:

• Complete transport service;
• All entrance fees by program;
• Qualified guide during the tour;
• Qualified tour-coordinator during the tour.
• Dinner in a traditional Georgian restaurant.

The tour-package excludes: • Alcohol drinks;
• Travel insurance.
Cost of the tour-package: (per persone) From 3 to 5 people: -  131
From 6 to 10 people: - € 91
From 11 to 15 people: - € 82
From 16 to 20 people: - € 76
From 21 to 25 people: - 69
From 26 to 30 people: - 65
From 31 to 35 people: -  59
From 36 to 40 people: - € 55
From 41 to 50 people: -  51