About Us:

Travel Company “Elite Travel Georgia” is in internal travel market of Georgia since 2009. The Company offers tourists entering in Georgia appropriate service with high standards. “Elite Travel Georgia” is the first company in Georgia which gives opportunity to acquire various vouchers, to reserve a hotel or order different business arrangements directly by our website in online regime. Travel Company “Elite Travel Georgia” offers services as follow:

1. Exclusive tours and excursions in Georgia;
2. Reserving of hotels;
3. Full transport service;
4. Organizing of conferences, seminars and other business meetings.

1. Excursions, Tours and Vouchers in Georgia:

Company “Elite Travel Georgia” offers various tours:

• Short tours and excursions in Georgia Caucasus;
• Cultural-creative tours in Georgia Caucasus;
• Trekking tours in Georgia Caucasus;
• Tours at summer-resorts in Georgia Caucasus;
• Tours at winter-resorts in Georgia Caucasus;
• Eco tours in reserves and protected territories of Georgia Caucasus;
• Wine tours in Georgia Caucasus;
• Horseback tours in Georgia Caucasus;
• Tours in Tao-Klarjeti & Cabadocia;
• Rafting in Georgia Caucasus.

The tours will be served by well-qualified personnel and luxury transport facilities. Within the fields of the tour programs, tourists will be accommodated in family and network hotels of international standards.

2. Hotel Reservations:

Company “Elite Travel Georgia” is a stable partner of full majority of hotels in Georgia. Large-scale discount spreads to our company clients and partners for suits of hotels and conference resources as well.

3. Transport Service:

Company “Elite Travel Georgia” offers to its clients and partners transport service as follows: transfers from the airport to a hotel and from the hotel to the airport, transportation by luxury limousines and mini-buses. You will be served by various transport facilities:

• Economic class transport (EDAR);
• Compact class transport (CDAR);
• Middle sized car (IDAR);
• Middle sized jeeps (IFAR);
• Full sized jeeps (FFAR);
• Middle sized mini-bus (for 15 persons);
• Full sized bus (for 43 persons).

You can order and rent the transport facility together with a driver and without the driver.

4. Organizing of Conferences and Business Arrangements:

Company “Elite Travel Georgia” offers organizing of different business arrangements in Georgia with full package of service. You are able to offer arrangements as follow:

• Conferences;
• Seminars;
• Business meetings;
• Confidential business meetings;
• Business meetings with combined program (by combination of business and tourist measures).